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 Agraphobia In Children

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PostSubject: Agraphobia In Children   Wed 22 Oct - 7:15

A discrete period of intense fear or discomfort, in which four (or more) of the following symptoms developed abruptly and reach a peak within 10 minutes:

1. palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate
2. Sweating
3. Trembling or shaking
4. Sensations of shortness of breath or smothering
5. feeling of choking
6. chest pain or discomfort
7. nausea or abdominal distress
8. feeling dizzy, unsteady, lightheaded, or faint
9. derealization (feelings of unreality) or depersonalization (being detached from oneself)
10. fear of losing control or going crazy
11. fear of dying
12. parasthesia (numbness or tingling sensation)
13. chills or hot flushes


The most common fear or phobia in the context of Panic disorder is Agoraphobia. Here is the official definition of Agoraphobia.

A. Anxiety about being in places or situations from which escape might be difficult (or embarrassing) or in which help might not be available in the event of having an unexpected panic attack or panic-like symptoms. Agoraphobic fears typically involve characteristic clusters of situations that include being outside the home alone, being in a crowd or standing in line, being on a bridge, and traveling in a bus, train, automobile, or plane.
B. The situations are avoided (e.g., travel is restricted) or else are endured with marked distress or with anxiety about having a Panic Attack or Panic-like symptoms, or require the presence of a companion.
C. This is not due to social phobia, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, or Separation Anxiety Disorder.
The usual pattern I find with children is not that different than with adults. Panic attacks will set in process a slow restricting of peoples lives. Slowly the stop doing all sorts of things they used to and stop going all sorts of places. Lots of times, especially with children, they have some excuse (other than fear of panic) for not going which seems fairly reasonable at first. Often they play at their home without problems, but if they have to go there is always a reason they aren't going. Sometimes it is because the child says he doesn't want to (even though you know he would love to do this before) other times it is because all of a sudden her stomach is hurting, she feels weak and tired, her eyes hurt, or she needs to go use the bathroom.

For Further Information Try This Link


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Agraphobia In Children
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